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Also called customer care, customer support is defined as the set of means offered to customers to resolve their problems and respond to their requests. Nowadays, with the development of digital technology, customer service can be done online, that is to say through online chats with an agent or an automatic messaging service.


The goal of a company is to satisfy the needs of its customers as much as possible, these requirements may concern after-sales service, help, customer assistance, maintenance service and various operations aimed at keeping the more customers possible. Therefore, it is essential to develop the customer service branch for a company.

The different types of online customer service

There are several forms of customer support. First, there is the FAQ or frequently asked questions, this is the first centerpiece of customer support. Usable, 24 hours a day, a FAQ can provide immediate explanations to customer questions.


Then, we can also mention direct chat, it is an online conversation platform through which the consumer has the possibility of chatting or writing a message with an employee of the company. With this platform, experienced agents can juggle two or three discussions simultaneously.

Finally there is the telephone call and the chatbot or robot. The first allows consumers to speak entirely with call center staff. As for the second, it provides answers that are easy to understand by users, which allows agents to free themselves.

The qualities required to be a good customer service agent

To be able to help customers, an agent must have a set of skills. First of all, he must constantly adopt a positive attitude in order to maintain a good relationship with the client . An agent must then have listening skills to be able to meet a customer’s expectations. Finally, the agent must show empathy towards a customer, that is, be understanding when a customer has encountered a difficult situation.

Finally, the agent must show empathy towards a customer, that is, be understanding when a customer has encountered a difficult situation.

The benefits of good customer support

Good customer support offers many benefits to a business. First of all, it greatly contributes to customer loyalty. When a customer is satisfied with the answers provided by customer service, he or she will definitely return to that company for other future services. Second, it also allows a company to improve its reputation and attract new buyers. The better the quality of services, the more customers will encourage their relatives and friends to use them.


Third, it allows a company to identify consumer needs, which helps improve existing services or create new ones. Finally, fourthly, it helps the company develop better marketing campaigns. Customer support helps the company know the typical profile to target. It provides information such as gender, age, social class, interests, purchasing frequency of consumers. Which is very important for a company’s future advertisements.



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